What is "Ragging"?

  • Mental / Physical / Sexual abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Indecent behaviour
  • Criminal Intimidation /Wrongful / restraint
  • Undermining human dignity
  • Financial exploitation / Extortion
  • Use of Force


"રેગિંગ" શું છે?

- માનસિક / શારીરિક / જાતીય શોષણ
- મૌખિક દુરુપયોગ
- અશિષ્ટ વર્તન
- ગુનાહિત ધાકધમણા / ખોટી / સંયમ
- માનવીય ગૌરવને નબળી પાડવું
- નાણાકીય શોષણ / ગેરવર્તન
- બળનો ઉપયોગ

As per U.G.C. guidelines our college has formed an anti-ragging cell. If any student faces any problem regarding ragging in the campus or outside it, contact any member of the anti-ragging committee or anti-ragging squad. The students are requested to inform any member of the cell if they notice any activity which they believe to be a kind of ragging. It is the committee which is entitled to decide whether the act falls under the category of ragging as per the definition conveyed by U.G.C. to the college or not, and take necessary actions.

No complaints is registered so far.

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